Confident that the FREE trade negotiations ENTRE the EU and Japan will enter a final phase, the ESF wrote on Monday (December 12th) to Trade Commissioner Malmstrom, asking negotiators to move the negotiations forward constructively and to make every effort to reach an ambitious and balanced free trade agreement between the EU and Japan as quickly as possible (see letter below). The ESF has also signed a joint letter from European industry on this subject. Finally, in a joint statement calling for an ambitious agreement between the EU and Japan, the ESF and the Japanese Services Network (JSN) have given a unique voice to the services sector on both sides. Discover the current trade relationship between the EU and Japan. Ambassador Kazuo Kodama gave a key note in which he highlighted the important economic opportunities that the EPA offers to Japanese, European and more broadly global companies. Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, Senior Advisor in the Department of International Relations at the London School of Economy (LSE) and lead author of the European Commission`s impact study on the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, shared his analysis of the EPA`s impact on the business and investment environment and highlighted the key findings of its new LSE research paper , published on 16 July 2018. The Director of the ESF also participated in a roundtable discussion of the event. There will be fewer rules for the digital sector than the EU-Japan agreement. Algorithms and cryptography are added to the list of areas where governments cannot require companies to divide information. The agreement also opens up services markets, including financial services, e-commerce, telecommunications and transport. It guarantees EU companies access to Japan`s major public procurement markets in 48 major cities and removes barriers to the supply of the economically important domestic rail sector. The agreement also protects sensitive economic sectors in the EU, for example in the automotive sector, with transitional periods before markets open. Read more: The US wants new free trade agreements with the EU, UK, Japan and analyses new strategic, economic and digital agreements between the EU and Japan.