The employer may not, for the duration of this agreement, reduce the worker`s salary, remuneration or any other financial benefit, except for the unavoidable budgetary reasons. The employer may, at any time, suspend the worker at full pay and benefits for the duration of this contract, but only if D. If one of the parties to this agreement is not informed in writing of the remaining 30 days prior to the termination date shown here, that agreement is renewed on the same terms for one year. If this term is not extended, it is allowed to reach its existing effective end date. This subsection should be fully implemented after the first seven months of employment. The extension for the next twelve months will then be carried out with annual extensions or communications, as planned. An extension is automatic, unless specific contrary measures are taken or a contract amendment is agreed upon. Communications under this agreement are paid by deposit at the United States Postal Service filing, imvora: D. If a provision or part of it is declared unconstitutional, invalid or unenforceable in this agreement, the rest of the agreement or agreement is considered separable, is unaffected and remains fully in force.

Dismissal for reason is immediately carried out by the Commission in the event of the worker`s conviction for an illegal act, i.e. refusal of respect, conviction for fraud, embezzlement, personal gain for himself, non-compliance with the provisions of the agreement, etc. The employer is not required to pay the severance pay provided in this section. A. The text represents the whole agreement between the parties. CONSIDERING that the Commission (1) ensures and maintains and encourages the worker`s services to remain in this job, (2) to enable full labour productivity by committing the morality and peace of mind of the worker with regard to future safety (3) as a deterrent against maladministration or dishonesty for the worker`s personal benefit; and (4) to provide a fair way to terminate the worker`s benefits at a time when, due to age or disability, the worker may not be able to perform his or her duties fully or, failing that, the employer wishes to terminate his or her employment; and, failing that, the communications required by this agreement may be transmitted personally in the same way as they apply to civil practice. The notification applies from the date of the personal benefit or the date of filing of this written notification as part of the transmission to the United States Postal Service. C. This Agreement enters into force on December 1, 20 – When the worker has a permanent disability or is no longer able to exercise his or her obligations due to illness, accident, injury, mental disability or health due to four consecutive weeks, beyond accumulated sick leave or 20 working days for thirty working days, the employer has the option of terminating that contract , subject to the provisions of Section 4, paragraph A. However, the worker is compensated for sick leave, leave, leave, compensation periods and other benefits.