ix. Third-party contractual terms: when using the Software, you must comply with all applicable third-party conditions. 10.2.2. Subscription-licensed software. If you purchased a subscription license for the software, which usually means that you pay monthly or annually for the use of the software, as long as your subscription remains active and as long as The Intuit receives the corresponding payment from you, you have the right to access as part of your active subscription: (i) access to the functions of the software to which you subscribe; (ii) updates and improvements available; (iii) certain products, add-ons or other additional services and/or discounts, usually made available to all subscribers by Intuit, if and if they are made available to you (these products, add-ons or other services may be accompanied and used by additional conditions, conditions and charges); and (iv) the right for subscribers to obtain new versions (i.e. upgrades) of the software only under certain qualified subscriptions, if they are available (also known as “version protections” in this agreement). Subscription-licensed software is only allowed during the active subscription period for updates and extensions. Neither updates nor extensions include future software updates. Upgrades are only available on an available basis and only for subscribers active in certain qualifying subscriptions. If you are eligible to get an upgrade as part of an active qualifying subscription, you may need to accept additional software license terms, as stated. If you purchased a subscription that contains support or subscribe to a separate support plan, you are also entitled to support services as described in Section 12 below.

If the validity of your software, service or other subscription expires or is terminated for any reason, you are no longer allowed to obtain or install such updates and enhancements and you are no longer allowed to receive upgrades. 4. DISCLOSURE AND DATA USAGE. You acknowledge and consent that Intuit may provide your access and account data (i) to your employee or agent identified in the registration data as the current system administrator for your account (the current administrator) and (ii) to another employee or agent who may be appointed by you as your account replacement administrator by following the procedures required by Intuit to replace him. Anyone else you have identified as an authorized user of QB Online Services has access to account data that is subject to the access permissions you or the system administrator have assigned them. 10.2.3. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Subscription Plan, QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus and QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus (or other published versions). During your active subscription, you`ll be eligible for QuickBooks desktop software, extensions, updates and corresponding software updates when they`re available.

If your subscription expires or expires, you lose your QuickBooks Desktop license.