Participants failed to agree on an important issue (at the Bonn meeting) and therefore did not present a draft document refining the full implementation of the PA 2 network document: IR-| Bilateral, regional and global groups and agreements that affect India and/or affect India`s interests The Paris Agreement on climate change mitigation was followed by another important global agreement – the Kigali Agreement. In this article, we explain the importance of the Kigali agreement and its relevance for India. On 12 December 2015, the Paris Agreement was adopted as an agreement under the UNFCCC. On April 22, 2016 {Earth Day}, 175 countries around the world signed this agreement at the UN headquarters in New York, USA. India was also one of the 175 countries that signed it. This agreement has not been in force since June 2016. It will enter into force as soon as it has been ratified by 55 parties to the UNFCCC and will account for 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The Paris Agreement will replace the Kyoto Protocol at the end of its second commitment period on 31 January 2020. Themes: Climate Change • Environment • Global Warming • HFC • Hydrofluorocarbon • International • Kigali Agreement • Montreal Protocol • Rwanda Themes: International Day for the Conservation of the Ozone Layer • Kigali Agreements • Montreal Protocol • Ozone Layer • World Oceans Day The Paris Agreement, which will enter into force by 2020, is not legally binding on countries to reduce their emissions. The Kigali Amendment is considered absolutely indispensable to achieve the Paris Agreement`s goal of keeping the increase in global temperature to less than 2 degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial period.

Preliminary level: study highlights, carbon equivalents, greenhouse gases A report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released on Thursday concluded that better management of the world`s farms and forests is needed to combat climate change. Main level: The Newscard deals with a particular type of migration, i.e. internal migration. As migration is an important issue today, it is important from the perspective of the UPSC. Brazil`s Amazon rainforests are on fire with dozens of fires, most often deliberately caused by loggers and others seeking better access to forest land. They are paving the way for a global climate catastrophe. How are the countries concerned reacting to the infestation? 1) Open your map and rework the glaciers of the Himalayan region. HFC-23 is a by-product of HCFC-22 (hydrochloroflurocarbon-22) used in industrial refrigeration. It is a powerful greenhouse gas (GHG) with a global warming potential of 14,800 times more than that of CO2.

Prelims level: Indian Ministry of Meteora, heat waves, La Niña, WHO Halogen == group of reactive non-metallic elements such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatin. Clogged roads and polluted air are common experiences in Indian metropolises, although the average Indian contributes only small amounts of transport-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to global climate change. However, road traffic patterns are very different between cities and counties. Delhi is at the top of the charts and emissions are more than twice as high as in other Indian megacities such as Mumbai, Bengaluru or Ahmedabad. Scientists have observed abnormally high sea surface temperatures (SST) in the Pacific Ocean, around the west coast of the United States. This marine heat wave (MHW), which covers an area of about 6.5 million square kilometers, can affect marine life and cause droughts in surrounding areas. Prelude: Anthropocene, Half Earth Project, India`s forestry policy Q.Mont Blanc in the Alps can be close to the confluence of which of the following two countries? The government should take stock of its willingness to deal with the next locust attack in June and take the necessary steps to come to the aid of the threat, as it could threaten India`s food security and economy.