Yes, customers can buy Azure on multiple partners at the same time. Each of these subscriptions is controlled and managed by the respective partners for the customer. Customers can extend delegated permissions to manage the resources of one or more partners for subscriptions they own, usually in scenarios where subscriptions come from an Open, Web Direct or Enterprise agreement. In CSP, the partner defaults to admin rights to the client and the client does not have a director`s rights. How are the steps to create multiple Azure subscriptions (…) before running this Azure subscription? I saw this post and I would like to ask you in the Azure plan: what steps are you taking to create multiple Azure subscriptions and make a necessary pre-configuration for Azure before adding this Azure subscription? Maybe I misunderstand, but the thing is to create additional subscriptions, you have to do what I described above. You can`t add multiple subscriptions before adding multiple subscriptions Since Indirect vendor agreements are based on geographic coverage, you need to find an aggregator that has the distribution rights to Microsoft`s solution for your site. Unlike EA Azure subscriptions, the customer cannot change the AzureAD customer assigned to the subscriptions themselves. Microsoft incorporates several different agreements into a new single and simple agreement. The new contract will help build trust between partners, customers and Microsoft to help build trust between partners, customers and Microsoft by providing a higher level of transparency and consistent business practices.

The new agreement aims to improve data protection, security and compliance conditions, as well as to demonstrate and strengthen the rights and responsibilities of partners to meet regulatory requirements. In principle, Microsoft moves from a number of different agreements to a new agreement, while updating them for new and future rules, as well as for data protection and compliance laws. The aim is to facilitate the contractual experience and to continue to meet the regulatory obligations and confidence expectations of our partners. To achieve these goals, the Microsoft Partnership Agreement provides a simpler process for accepting and managing agreements and contains conditions that support our commitment to data protection, security, compliance and transparency. I am CSP and I have a client named XYZ. Now, XYZ wants to have multiple CSP subscriptions, all under one AD CSP client. We have a client who has 3 different CSP agreements with 3 different CSP partners. Is there a portal they can connect to see their agreements, prices and usage? For more information on buying Azure CSP subscriptions to multiple partners, click here @JanoschUlmer – Each overview of airtime with multiple subscriptions to a CSP partner and a customer? Thank you in advance. In the cases previously highlighted, it appears that you are referring to multiple Azure subscriptions, with each subscription being managed/billed by a separate CSP provider. In our case, we are the only CSP for our client, but the customer wants us to provide several subscriptions (one for their production environment and one for their non-productive environment) to define access and roles separately for different subscriptions.