Keep in mind that exclusive agreements may seem more appealing at a glance by offering higher royalties to artists, but the non-exclusivity we always offer at Pond5 allows you to sell your content wherever you want. “reseller,” any person or entity that has authorized Pond5 to broadcast, license or download content under this agreement. Advanced licensing features are available with our premium or custom licenses. For more information, please consult our creative partners at or on `44 808 164 5550 (free of charge) and we would be happy to help. Regardless of other provisions that are in this agreement or in another, we have the right, at our sole discretion, (ii) They are subject to the terms of this Agreement and other agreements and/or conditions in force at the time of loading or any other transmission of content, or (B) two (2) weeks after the date on which we send or announce a change, as the case may be. Subject to Section 4, you have the right to disable the amended version of this Agreement by removing all content from the Site and notifying us in writing of your waiver during this notice period, provided that such an opt-out clause affects in any way a license that we grant you before the content is removed from the site. No modification, deletion, modification of a provision is mandatory for us, unless our authorized representative has been signed in writing or published by our services on the site. You acknowledge that (i) we allow selected customers not to download tagged content using a toll-free water mark in full resolution for “comp” or evaluation purposes, unless they are converted to a full license for public use, and (ii) we allow customers who purchase a license for a content article to download the article several times later without further payment from the site, and we grant you the above with the content. We may offer you from time to time to participate in one of our free download promotions.

If you register on the website to participate in such a promotion and we include content in the promotion, the conditions on the site apply with regard to the promotion. Pond5 has created a global partnership program to: Promote content in regions, markets and distributors that might not reach our traditional marketplace optimally, and a limited licensing program for high-volume, short-term customer segments, digital/social media formats, small target groups, advertising-supported models and/or other needs that are not met by our individual licensing model, to which we offer narrower licensing fees or limited content collections (e.g.B.