It is unlikely that an ongoing removal agreement will include an exclusivity clause or quota for a minimum number of referrals. The provision is flexible, especially for companies looking for a reliable source of customer acquisition. As a general rule, this is a formal contract between the referent and the company, with the referent agreeing to return potential customers to the company for a fee. Sometimes there are also reciprocal referral agreements in which the parties agree to refer the work to each other. It is the period indicated after the transfer that the sale must be made in order for the referent to earn his commission. If the sale occurs after the expiry of the remuneration period, the referent will not make his commission. You can choose either a percentage commission or a specific amount for the recommendations they make. It is preferable to define the precise method for calculating royalties in the agreement. The owner (the referent) refers his clients to a painter (the referee). The owner receives a fee for the client. If a recommendation from an agent becomes a loyal customer at the end, you need to make sure that you are not stuck paying a commission for their repeated transaction to the agent forever. Specify a limit for the time you set for the commission payment, also known as the payment deadline. 3.

The company`s announcements and removal methods are left to the discretion of the recommendation partner. However, in order to request sales, the partners in the recommendation will not make any commitments or provide a guarantee for either the goods or services offered by the company, unless the company has authorized it in writing. 10. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and nullifies all prior agreements and agreements between the parties and their respective subsidiaries or related companies, whether oral or written. Any changes must be made in writing and signed by both parties. The above recitals are recognized and incorporated by the parties. You should specify the exact method of calculating transfer fees in the agreement. The clause allows you to license your referent for the use of relevant intellectual property rights for a successful recommendation program. Z.B. can promote a referral partner`s specific activity on its website. An intellectual property license allows the other party to display its logo and materials on the referrer`s website without violating the partner`s IP. The commission clause sets the period of remuneration, with a certain period beginning on the date of dismissal.

If a sale took place during the salary period, he would earn the commission. The clause must indicate the amount of time paid or the method of calculating the amount to be paid for the dismissal.