Dividends are paid to the shareholder of the stock in accordance with the law and the statutes. The company uses the Euroclear direct payment system, which allows each shareholder to collect the dividend on the day of payment. Shareholders are advised to review in detail the offer document and position statement and, if necessary, seek independent advice in order to obtain a reasoned judgment on the offer and content of the offer document and position statement. In addition, shareholders can consult with their tax advisors on the tax consequences of transferring their shares in the offer. Gemalto has convened its annual general meeting. This shareholders` meeting will be combined with the general meeting of shareholders to discuss the offer required by Dutch offer rules and will take place on 18 May 2018 at 10:00 a.m. European time at the Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, 701, 1118 BN Schiphol, Netherlands. Separate summons documents are available on the Gemalto website (www.gemalto.com). In the merger agreement, Thales and Gemalto agreed on commitments that Gemalto`s board of directors had deemed relevant to support Thales` proposal. The merger agreement signed between Thales and Gemalto therefore provides (i) a strategic direction that is in Gemalto`s best interest and that promotes the sustainable success of their business, (ii) adequate protection for all parties concerned, (iii) the safety of the conclusion and (iv) a fair price. As described in more detail in Section 6.8 (Irrevocable Obligations of Gemalto Shareholders) of the Offer Document, Each of Mr.

Mandl, Mr. Vallée, Ms. Akbari and Mr. Piou made an irrevocable commitment to include their shares and/or ADS s in the offer under the same conditions as the other shareholders and to vote in favour of the Gemalto decisions at The Gemalto General Meeting, in any event under the conditions that Gemalto`s Board of Directors continues to support and recommend and that the merger agreement has not been denounced. The merger agreement between Thales and Gemalto was concluded when Atos announced a unilateral and unsolicited offer on Gemalto shares. Gemalto`s Board of Directors considered that Atos` unsolicited and conditional offer was not mandatory in relation to Gemalto`s stand-alone strategy.