WGGB agreements cover minimum costs and work practices and include repeat fees, credits, copyrights, payments, collaboration with authors and much more. TA ALERT 2009-JULY 09 2009 Technical Accounting Alert Income from the Intangible Capitals Overview Overview Licensees enter into different types of licensing agreements with third parties. Licensing Agreements The agreement between UK Theatre and Bectu covers most commercial and subsidised theatres outside London. In addition, the agreement will be subject to regular review in order to make improvements in the future. Please get to know it in detail, the points highlighted above will be explained in more detail in the full document. Bectu has worked to negotiate a series of collective agreements for film, television and theatre workers. We also encourage agreements that guarantee best practices, such as the APA, and implement a number of career evaluation programmes, which are below: the agreement between BECTU and SOLT (Society of London Theatres) includes London`s West End Theatres. 16 usage times for each transmission pair, in accordance with the agreement between the association and the Union in force at the time. 5. In case a teacher needs an overview, the artist receives 25% of his total salary for transmission in daylight hours outside peak hours, 12.5% at night outside peak hours and 50% if this transmission is carried out during peak periods.

This use is not considered to be the first United Kingdom to be used for the period covered in point 1. (6) The indicated additional use payment is not mandatory and is payable only if the first designated additional use has taken place and all additional uses are acquired in accordance with the provisions of the TA schedule. PACT/BECTU TV Drama Agreement was signed in May 2017, but is expected to come into force on 1 December 2017. The agreement applies to all the essential working conditions of the crew that handles independent British drama and comedy productions. Preparation and Wrap: In the past, most costume departments expected a “reasonable preparation and wrap” day. Under the new agreement, the preparation and packaging did not completely disappear, but it was recognized first and, secondly, it was set at half an hour at the beginning and half an hour at the end of each day. This should not change from production to production, superiors do not have to negotiate for how long their department makes free available. This is an important step to get rid of it completely in the future. The agreement will be reviewed in early 2019. This will be an opportunity to see if it works, how it works and whether changes need to be made. We ask for feedback on this, both positive and negative.

Especially the contact if you think he has been poorly implanted or that he has worked with productions that have tried to bypass him or find ways to circumvent him. Please send us an email with confidence to bectucostumewardrobe@gmail.com employee replacement contract Content Booking Contract for Employees Technical Domains… 3, section 1, scope of agreement and validity… You can find the full approval by clicking on the link below on bectu`s page or website. You can print and keep your own copy. We negotiate contracts with a large number of broadcasters, film producers and record companies. Through these negotiations, we set pay rates and conditions for session musicians. Booking contract for employees Technical domains Content reservation contract for employees… 3, Section 1, Scope of the agreement and duration of validity… 14 clause (T14) or provisions relating to the second appeal in point (T18) may apply to this undertaking.

The artist receives a minimum fee of at least one daily production payment for each subsequent day that is worked beyond the first period of up to 14 consecutive days.