Focus is misplaced Recently, Trachsel was not too bad to respond to anonymous criticism in the forum of the largest Swiss unihockey magazine “”. He offered the critics a meeting for a dinner to explain the philosophy and strategy of his club. Trachsel reads the forum articles, he`s having fun, “but some also hurt because the focus is wrong,” he says. The fact that Zug United`s teams play at the highest level in all youth categories, that U21 led 1-0 against the winner of the GC qualifier before the season ends in the semi-finals, and that the Swiss innersmanics invest a lot of money in young people, is often forgotten, including in the contributions of the forum. “In the meantime, my wife and daughter prevented me from continuing to read what is written,” Trachsel says with a laugh. Remo Manser is responsible for national teams at swiss unihockey. It is therefore important for him that The Swiss players can evolve. But he doesn`t accept the popular belief that foreign players stand in the way of the Swiss: “Reinforcement players like Joonas Pylsy or Tatu Vunen are great role models for our young players, not only for their playful class, but also for their attitude towards Unihockey,” explains Remo Manser. “You will enrich our league!” The other nl teams are already hailing the agreement today, including SV Wiler-Ersigen: “I am convinced that this agreement makes the Unihockey product in Switzerland more attractive and attractive to spectators, sponsors and media in the lobby and on-screen, as identification with high-level hockey becomes easier,” says President Reto Luginbahl. Similarly, the Kloten-Dietlikon Jets see the deal as a chance that the hiring of foreign players will be made more selective in the future. Again, the number of foreigners we will have next season will depend on different factors. First of all, the number of Swiss players that we can integrate into the team.

Promoting talent takes a lot of skill and time. I don`t think the Out is Unihockey. However, this topic is of course of great concern to us within the association. But Manser points out something in particular: “You don`t have to give anything to anyone. It is the responsibility of Swiss players to be better or better than the average foreign of the NLA. Unihockey Red Lions Frauenfeld: Bisher: Pavlina Vacinova (CZE), Frida Svensson (SWE) GC Unihockey: New: Daniel Johnsson (SV Wiler-Ersigen/SWE) Report of the Swiss weekend newspaper, June 27, 2020 – Stefan Salzmann Starting in the 2019/2020 season, only four foreign players per national league club are still in service in a game. This is what is stipulated in the NLB agreement, which was signed by all but two clubs NLA and NLB. UHC Uster: New: Markus Kulmala (Kloten-Dietlikon Jets/FIN) So far: Niko Juhola (FIN), Joel Kanebbjark (SWE) Good question. Overall, I am satisfied. I can answer your question in the affirmative. I think overall we had a good season.

Zug had up to five Swedes on the field last season. Next season, under a national league club-friendly agreement, only a maximum of four foreigners will be deployed in the two highest leagues, up from three a year later. What are the names of Zuger`s aliens in the coming season? Well, we are in discussions with Petter Nilsson about a possible additional function within the association, that is: goalkeeping coach. We hope he will help build his successor in the goals. Foreigners who are more complementary than reinforcements give him less joy. “Clubs often miss, for example, a right-hand interpreter, a player or a scorer.