From 1899 to 1920, County Council meetings were held at the Grand Jury Room of the former Wexford Courthouse at Commercial Quay. [2] After the fire of the former courthouse during the Irish War of Independence, a new courthouse was built in 1930 on the site of the former Hill Street prison. [2] [3] At the same time, County Council moved the Hill Street site. [4] After the condition of the Hill Street properties proved insufficient, The County Council moved in September 2011 to a lobby in modern Carricklawn County[5] and in 2018 a modern courthouse was opened on Belvedere Road. [6] Wexford County Council was introduced into law in 1898 by the Local Government Act 1898 (Ireland). The first council meeting took place on 22 April 1899. [1] The revelation was made at the Wexford Borough District Council meeting last week, where housing engineer Mick Doyle spoke about some of the difficulties faced by the home maintenance department. “One thing we looked at was the paint and carpet, which cost about half a million. It is unsustainable and other councils are not doing so.

We do not have the financial means to cover them. Today we have all the additional health and safety costs for masks and clothing, etc.” Mr Doyle told members that the budget for the maintenance of the Landratsamt`s housing stock is currently “low” and that they currently have about 550 euros per house, whereas the national average is 1,240 euros. He also informed members of the delays in employment due to the Covid 19 restrictions, which allowed only one local worker at a time, and in some cases people had to move to allow work. He said the jobs, which typically lasted a few days, were now going on for a few weeks. . Waterford City and County Council is divided into local electoral zones, defined by electoral divisions. [8] [9] These are grouped into districts and districts to exercise the powers of local communities on the ground. The municipality, which includes the administrative area of the former Wexford Borough Council, is called the Borough District. [10] If you are eligible for the system, ownership of your home will be transferred to your local authority and you will be a tenant of the local authority.