If your landlord rents out the existence of another part 4, he or she may provide notice during the initial 4 rent portion, at the end of the notice period at the end or after the end of the lease. A notification of this should be grounds for termination. Reason is not necessarily one of the valid reasons for terminating a Part 4 lease. A tenancy agreement (also known as a rental agreement) is a legally binding written agreement between a tenant and a property manager/owner. Tenants who prematurely terminate a fixed-term tenancy agreement may be held liable, to varying degrees, for the time and rent remaining in their contract. However, the law generally limits this liability. You owe the rent up to: if you want to leave and you don`t have a fixed-term contract, you don`t need to give a reason, but you have to give the right notice in writing – see “End of your lease” below. The type of rental you choose usually depends on the flexibility and mobility you want. This article discusses the fundamental differences that will help you make an informed decision in choosing a rental property. A break clause may be provided in a fixed-term lease. For example, if the break clause could be exercised after 18 months and the landlord wished to exercise the break clause after that period, the tenant could rely on his Part 4 rights to stay in the apartment.

However, if the tenant wanted to exercise the break clause, this would have to be agreed upon by the tenant and the landlord. If you rent your home from a private landlord or a licensed housing company, you have an agreement or contract with that person or institution known as a rental agreement – which may or may not be written. The most common types of leases are fixed-term leases and periodic leases – both are described in more detail below. Depending on your needs as a tenant, you prefer a monthly or fixed-term lease. Everyone has its pros and cons. The main advantage of a monthly tenancy agreement is flexibility. You don`t have to worry about breaking a lease in the middle of a one- or two-year term, which could be expensive. Instead, you can complete one month of monthly leaseback per month by providing sufficient notice (usually 30 days) to the owner. Of course, the owner has the same flexibility.