Australia – Vietnam Trade International trade in goods and services now accounts for about 70% of Vietnam`s GDP, up from 30% in the mid-1990s. A comprehensive overview of political, economic, bilateral and regional trade agreements. Australia and Vietnam are parties to the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement, which entered into force on 1 January 2010. Vietnam ratified the agreement on 24 June 2009. Vietnam`s relations with Australia have seen many extraordinary historical twists and turns. Today, free trade has made Canberra and Hanoi partners. Australia`s trade at a glance – Australia`s top ten trading partners But Vietnam fears their growing trade surplus with the US and the collapse of the global trade order will make it an easy target for Washington after China. They narrowly escaped appointment as monetary manipulators last month and have no trade deal with the United States. The original Trans-Pacific Partnership, of which Vietnam was a major member, was abolished days after Donald Trump took office. And Hanoi has long had to manage its huge neighbor, China, with whom it has been ledzing for centuries. Vietnam`s share represents $8 billion, or 10% of all Australian-ASEAN trade.

Information provided by the secret services indicates that there is a strong market for sustainable urbanization services in Vietnam, as it is a rapidly growing economy with a population of 86 million people and a growth rate of 7.5-8% per year, with infrastructure development identified as a national priority sector that promotes both investment and external expertise. Export Finance Australia is Australia`s export credit agency and aims to help companies overcome the financial barriers they face when it comes to exporting. By offering a wide range of export financing solutions, it helps exporters seize business opportunities. Export Finance Australia also offers periodic risk analyses by country. Please note that this list of sites and resources is not final. Inclusion on this list does not mean that Austrade endorses it. The information provided serves only as a guide. The content is intended for information purposes and is not guaranteed; as such, the addressee must exercise his own discretion when using it. Australia`s anti-corruption laws apply overseas and the company will not provide business services to parties who break the law and will provide credible evidence of an offence.

You will find more information about foreign bribes and the information package. Vietnam fought a long and devastating war with America and a brief war with China. Four decades later, the country is the world`s biggest winner, with trade shifting in the face of intensifying economic warfare between Washington and Beijing. Where Australian soldiers once fought to curb the spread of communism, Vietnamese communist leaders are now seeking Australian diplomatic support to fight their pretentious neighbor in China. And for Australia, Vietnam is an important player, as Canberra seeks partners to address its own concerns about China`s emerging power.